Nick's Favourite Travel Photos

A Famosa fort

A Famosa (Porta de Santiago) (2016-04-25)

I never expected to do anything genuinely mediaeval while living in Southeast Asia, but here I am at what remains of the Portuguese fort built in Melaka in 1511.

Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn Campus, New Zealand (2013-07-15)

There are at least three universities called "Victoria" in the world. I worked at the one in Australia from 2011 until 2015, but here I am at the one in New Zealand in 2013. (The third one is in Canada.)

Railway Hotel, Byron Bay

Railway Hotel, Byron Bay, Australia (2010-11-08)

I often stop by Byron Bay on the trip between Brisbane and Sydney, where the Railway Hotel is just one of the places to catch live music every night of the week.

Ship and Anchor Pub, Calgary

Ship and Anchor Pub, Calgary, Canada (2009-03-27)

Members of the iCore Information Security Lab at the University of Calgary enjoying some drinks at the end of my time there. They were kind enough to join me at my one of my favourite haunts in Calgary. (Photo taken by Jean Allan.)

Bus to Queensland, Calgary

Bus 29, Calgary, Canada (2009-02-14)

Where I come from, "Queensland" is known for its tropical climate and sandy beaches. Apparently the Canadians have different ideas.

Fritz Philips, Eindhoven

Fritz Philips, Eindhoven, the Netherlands (2007-10-09)

The founder of Royal Philips Electronics makes a surprisingly effective bicycle rack.

Halford Bar, Berlin

Halford Bar, Berlin, Germany (2007-09-27)

It's Judas Priest, Judas Priest and more Judas Priest (and maybe just a smidgin of Iron Maiden) at the Halford Bar in Berlin.

Murrumbidgee River, Wagga Wagga

Murrumbidgee River, Wagga Wagga, Australia (2007-01-26)

Just like a swagman.

No Littering, Tokyo

No Littering, Tokyo, Japan (2004-11-02)

Fortunately I left my elephant at home for this trip.

Story Bridge, Brisbane

Story Bridge, Brisbane, Australia (2003-11-20)

One of the few notable landmarks in my home town.

Bald Eagle, Seoul

Bald Eagle Club, Seoul, South Korea (2003-10-24)

The place to go for all of your hard rock and heavy metal needs in Korea. (Photo taken by the lady behind the bar.)

Stinger Park, Port Douglas

Stinger Park, Port Douglas, Australia (2003-10-16)

Very nearly the northernmost part of Australia that I have been to. I made it to Mosman Gorge on this trip.

Sturt Highway, New South Wales

Sturt Highway, New South Wales, Australia (2002-07-17)

This photo was taken about 100km west of Hay, NSW, but it doesn't matter much: you'll see a whole lot of it if you drive between Sydney and Adelaide. I've done it twice.

Big Lobster, Kingston S.E.

The Big Lobster, Kingston S.E., Australia (2001-05-01)

There's nothing quite like a Big Thing in the dreams of developers of tourist attractions all over Australia. This one is the most photogenic I've found.

Hofbrau, Munich

Hofbrau Bierhaus, Munich, Germany (1997-10-21)

The first, and one of the best, in a series of photos of me drinking in bars around the world. This was taken on my very first trip out of Australia. (Photo taken by Steve Bingham.)