Ælfred se leof's Photo Gallery

I avoid taking photos at events, especially those using flash photography, because I believe that photography is anachronism that we can do without. Most of the photos below were taken either outside the event venue or after the event had concluded.

Radburne War

Radburne War (2017-08-05)

My fighting gear no longer looked so shiny when I suited up for the tenth and final Radburne War.

Geteld tent

Anglo-Saxon Geteld (2013-08-23)

My tent, photographed at Cold War 2013.

Ælfred & Lyssa

Ælfred se leof and Lyssa Trygsvassdottir (2010-07-24)

Bal d'Argent 2010.

Ælfed se leof

Æfred se leof (2009-03-26)

Me, at the last Montengarde Tavern before I returned to Lochac. (Photo taken by Adelheid.)

Agarican fighters

The Shire of Agaricus (2003-10-06)

The fighters of the Shire of Agaricus at Spring War 2003. (Photo taken by Mayela de la Rue).

Bad Monkeys

Ælfred with the House of Bad Monkey (2003-10-06)

Ælfred se leof, Wulfric Godricsson and Theoderic Unartigen Affe at Spring War 2003. (Photo taken by Mayela de la Rue).

Armour monument

Spring War (2003-10-05)

One way of getting a photo of one's armour without having any retainers to take the photo.

Theoderic Unartigen Affe

Theoderic Unartigen Affe (2002-07-13)

Theoderic represented the College of St Malachy at College War 2002, hosted by the College of Blessed Herman the Cripple in the Barony of Innilgard.

Æfred se leof

Ælfred se leof (2001-05-05)

What a shiny new fighter I look, just two weeks after being authorised! This photo was taken before the Sundey tourney at Lochac's May Coronet 2001. I didn't try my hand in the main tourney. (Photo taken by Thaddeus Blayney.)

Prince Gui von Oberhausen

Gui von Oberhausen, Prince of Lochac (2001-01-14)

Gui appointed me as his Royal Brewer during his reign as Prince of Lochac in 2001.

Antarctica Tourney

"You Can See Antarctica From Here" (2000-07-03)

"You Can See Antarctica From Here" Tourney 2000, part of College War 2000, hosted by the College of St Gildas in the Barony of Ynys Fawr. This photo was taken at the summit of Mt Wellington in Hobart, Tasmania; the tourney itself was a little further down the mountain.

Ælfred se leof

Ælfred se leof (2000-07-02)

On their way to College War 2000, the College of Blessed Herman reported that they had seen someone who might have been a member of the SCA, or an axe murderer. His name, we now know, was Ælfred se leof, and he was Seneschal of the College of St Ursula at the time. To the best of our knowledge, he has never killed anyone with an axe.